The #BlockPeterSchiff Movement is Gaining Steam

The password kicked it off

The other day Peter Schiff tweeted that his mobile phone Bitcoin wallet had corrupted and he couldn’t access his Bitcoin anymore using his password. Schiff said that he was keeping Bitcoin to watch the value go to zero and that because the wallet corrupted was the reason why Bitcoin was irrelevant. A few glaring errors with Schiff’s statements were quickly pointed out by everyone in CT including plebs.

  • Schiff constantly berates Bitcoin however he is hodling the cryptocurrency
  • Noone keeps money with the intent of it losing value
  • What kind of idiot keeps their crypto wallet on a cell phone
  • All crypto wallets have you write down your security key and if you have your security key then you would still have access to your crypto
  • He, therefore, would have had to have forgotten/lost his password/seed phrase

Schiff lost credibility and it started

Crypto Twitter decided that Peter Schiff is irrelevant and started blocking his account only after he became the punch line of multiple jokes. Here are some of the best ones.

After Schiff started losing the attention that he desires from the crypto communities he admitted that he did not have his seed phrase and started blaming Erik Voorhees for his misfortune. Schiff said losing his “Bitcoin” and his “life savings” which started raising red flags. Schiff telling the community that his life savings equated to $8,000 and bad-mouthing Voorhees made it so he started losing in the court of public opinion. The hashtag #BlockPeterSchiff started trending on Twitter and Schiff stated losing hundreds of followers.

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