Russian mob, 1 billion moved on Huobi and US politics

The crypto Twitter universe was abuzz yesterday


Rumors flew about the address holder (hodler) of the USD 1 billion bitcoin transfer. Huobi Confirms That USD 1B Transaction Did Not Include Their Own BTC. The transfer of more than 94,500 bitcoins, worth USD 1 billion at the time, everyone was trying to figure out who could be behind this and why.

We now know that cryptocurrency exchange Huobi’s funds are not a part of it.  A blockchain intelligence firm called TokenAnalyst claimed that at least one-third of the coins originate from Huobi addresses. A Huobi spokesperson told “that this transfer of funds did not involve Huobi’s own funds and that, with exchanges as big as ours, large transactions like this one can and do occur from time to time”.


Digging deeper


After more research CSnews found a Russian cryptocurrency intelligence firm that wishes to remain anonymous due to security concerns. The intelligence firm confirmed that the same address was used for receiving bitcoin after a weapon transfer from Russia to Syria.

The address is believed to be connected to Semion Ogilivich, aka “The biggy don” besides his connections to Felix Sater a former associate of Donald Trump, and also Suge Knight. Ogilivich has an extensive resume of criminal activity as well as driving fast cars and yelling “Tokio drift!” The bitcoin address has also been involved in at least three politically motivated kidnappings in Russia. The most recent one being the daughter of the opposition party’s leader.

Huobi declined to comment on the possibility of the connection.


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