Roger Ver’s Wife will Eat your Babies

Round One Fight!

Today Roger Ver’s wife showed up at Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez town hall meeting today and the madness from C-SPAN spread like wildfire on Twitter. AOC was almost finished when the MC said that they would be allowing two questions from the audience. A lady aka Ms. Ver stood up and almost immediately started yelling incoherently before they could even get the mic to her. One member of the audience claimed that Ms. Ver said “Bitcoin Cash ain’t nothing to fu&k with!” however the audience member didn’t want to be labeled as a whistleblower so they requested anonymity. However, the mic soon landed in front of Ms. Ver where she continued her tirade, she went on to say that Ripple is the only Crypto that is close to Bitcoin Cash and it is still only a strong fourth place. AOC immediately realized that the lady was a nut job at this point and signaled for the protesting troll to be removed. Before security arrived Ms. Ver proclaimed that the only way to reverse a bear market is by human sacrifice more specifically filicide cannibalism, that’s right folks eating your own babies.

Bitcoin Cash Censorship

Ms. Ver was escorted away while she continued her barrage. She was heard saying “Buy your BBQ sauce with #BCH to eat your babies with!” Most of what she yelled was so incoherent that police were seen giving her a breathalyzer test outside of the building. Either way, whatever she came to tell AOC it was most definitely blocked from the conversation. Roger Ver posted later on in the day on Twitter a tweet of solidarity with his wife:

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By the end of the day #StartEatingBabies” and the video started making their way around the Crypto Twitter circuit like a washed-up actor does with Late Night talk shows when they have a new movie coming out. Here is the crazy video so you can watch all of the madness for your self:

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