Mass Flood of Arrests, Bitcoin Miners

Chinese Crypto Event had Casualties

Most of the people involved in the mining industry in China gathered at a conference in Chengdu, Sichuan. The gathering was called The Mega Mining Conference. A huge event in the same city where last year massive floods and landslides took out multiple mining facilities. A Twitter user pointed out that many of the attendees were staying at the same hotel and may have accidentally caused mass arrests. Here are Dovey Wan’s tweets:

“I would recommend not making such events public in order to avoid a single point of failure.”

The Roundup Begins

She also stated that almost all the participants stayed at the same hotel. Before the arrests, Wan had been criticized in the comments for reporting this to a wide audience. Shortly after the tweets, a human rights organization rang the alarm that miners had gone missing from the hotel. Due to the forced disappearances both the miners as well as the human rights organization decided to remain anonymous.

They later forwarded an ominous video.

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