Justin Sun Attemts to Change Coronavirus Name to TRONvirus

Ever the salesman

Justin Sun the creator of TRON surprised the world by only announcing an announcement once before tweeting today. Mr. Sun said he is in talks with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Corona to change the name of the novel coronavirus to the novel TRONvirus. His plan evidently involves tokenizing the victims of the virus so they can be tracked on the TRON network.

His timing was curious

Just today WHO announced that the coronavirus is a public health emergency. Yesterday’s death toll was reported at 170 people with the estimate for today to be 229 deaths. Crypto Twitter just got over the hangover of Mr. Sun’s ill-timed tweet after the sudden death of Kobe Bryant. Needless to say, the community isn’t too happy with Justin Sun today, it was so bad even LaBron James weighed in.

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