Jack Dorsey to make “Scorpio” coin for EU

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire is in talks with Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square to create Europes own “public digital currency” called “Scorpio” that could challenge Facebook’s Libra.

The minister chose Dorsey because they both share similar MC astrological symbals, to help create the first “EuroCoin”


At a meeting of EU finance ministers in Helsinki, Le Maire told reporters that he had an outstanding meeting with Dorsey discussing the potential for a European public digital currency. Le Maire reemphasized that his counterparts on the continent see eye to eye with him on this matter and that he would be presenting his finding to Chancellor Angela Merkel at the end of the month.

He also reiterated his belief that the proposed Libra stablecoin could pose risks for consumers, financial stability and even “the sovereignty of European states” causing the rise of a “fourth reich.”

Le Maire urged the European bloc not to wait idly but instead to push ahead with its work to cut the cost of cross-border payments.

Europe in lambo

Repeating his calls to refuse to authorize Libra’s launch in the European Union, Le Maire argued that the current state of limbo. After Le Maire spoke to his counterparts about cryptocurrencies at an EU level he was seen on Twitter.


“Wen moon beeeaches its Lambo time up in the EU. Hodl like Braveheart and Hodor!!!!!”



France vows to raid Facebook offices

Le Maire has forcefully said that lingering concerns about Facebook’s project mean that “in these conditions, we cannot authorize the development of Libra on European soil.”

He has previously said that he would ask for raids Facebook offices if Mark Zuckerburg tried to Blitzkrieg Libra under the French’s noses.


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