Influincers are Duct Taping their Garbage to the Wall

First Degree Sales

In the process of writing the story of the most expensive duct-taped monkey ever purchased with Bitcoin a much crazier story raised its yellow head in Maimi at Art Basel. Now Crypto Twitter has gone mad and influencers are taping unimportant items to the wall with the intent of selling for BTC. Some notable entries are:

@CraigWright returned to twitter to tape a Marcellus Wallace style briefcase to the wall. (The hypothesis online is that his soul is in it.) The case looked like a bright glowing light was being emitted from it.

@DerekCapo secured an eFIN bumper sticker to the wall. He said he would duct tape it next, next month after something else happened.

@BradGarlinghouse dumped a bunch of physical Ripple coins on duct tape. Bags and bags of coins, he said that if he had it do it like this every time that he would be the size of Arnald Swartsnager by now.

@fluffypony evidently was able to tape 1/4 of Moneros miners to the wall.

Video of the Banana

We caught up to @vergejaguar to see what gave him the motivation to eat the banana. Jaguar said “I needed a snack and saw a banana taped on the wall, so I ate it”

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