Craig Wright to Admit that he’s not Satoshi Nakamoto

Wright Entered Negotiations

On Sept. 17, Craig Wright’s attorneys filed a new 30-day extension for all discovery and case deadlines, citing that Wright is willing to admit that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto to Dave Kleiman’s estate and Twitter in order to not have to pay out 500,000 Bitcoin. According to sources parties have entered “extensive settlement negotiations.”

In the document, Wright’s lawyers and Kleiman’s estate have reached a non-binding agreement to settle the matter as long as Wright publicly admits that he was lieing/scamming people with his Nakamoto stunt. Nogotiations and finalization all relevant terms are underway.

30 more days after a Two-Week Extension

Following the court’s order on Aug. 26 requiring Wright to hand over 500,000 Bitcoin Wright supposedly mined with Kleiman, Wright’s attorney Andres Rivero first filed for a 14-day extension on Aug. 30.

In the filing, Wright’s party also intended to challenge Reinhart’s order in favor of Dave Kleiman’s estate, which required him to pay half a million Bitcoins, arguing that Wright did not concede that the judge had the power to enter the order.

In late August, Wright suggested that Dave Kleiman’s estate could experience tax issues with Bitcoins that they won from him in the court case. He also said, “I hope they drownd in a Scrooge McDuck sized pool of gold”.


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