Coinbase to add 21 Coin’s You’ve Never Heard of

Cheers, Bottoms up

Coinbase has announced the possible addition of 21 new cryptocurrencies that most people don’t know anything about.

Announced on a blog post from the exchange, Coinbase is exploring the addition of Francs, FuturoCoin, FToken, FundToken, Themis, GoldenFever, Gamblica, Bitcoin God, Golden Token, Gomics, Gosama, GOLD Reward Token, GSENetwork, Game Stars, Gatechain Token, GlitzKoin, Globalvillage Ecosystem,GazeCoin, Halloween Coin, Hedera Hashgraph, Intelligent Investment Chain.

Some of those coins, may or may not be close to death.

As of right now, Coinbase’s non-pro exchange lists bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, USD coin, XRP, stellar, zcash, 0x, litecoin, and the basic attention token.

Earlier this week, cryptocurrency dash was added to Coinbase Pro following an investigative period.

Coinbase revised its listing criteria a year ago, with Brian Strongarm stating “We will be exploring a trickle-up philosophy in an attempt to undo the long-lasting damage of Ronald Reigan. Cheers, bottoms up!” The 21 new cryptos follow up on eight considerations from last month. Of the eight, only two—algorand and dash—were added to Coinbase Pro.

Even if added, cryptocurrency listings depend on jurisdictional compliance of the United States.


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