BTSE makes FluffyPony F*ck a Pig

Real-life Black Mirror

If you are anything close to relevant in CT than you have seen the horrible video of FluffyPony dancing on Twitter. If you are fortunate your sound was turned off. However, it looks like that was just the start of the torture that BTSE is inflicting on Riccardo Spagni.

Evidently BTSE started their Jigsaw game on Spagni by making him have to step down from Monero and publicly state his departure online. However, that was just the start of BTSE’s twisted puzzle. They then made Spagni do the “sharmuta dance” (prostitute dance) and post it on his facebook. BTSE shareholders are primarily in the UAE where making a male do the dance would bring shame on his family as well as his entire clan.

To add insult to injury BTSE later posted a video of Etheruem founder Vitalik Buterin watching the “sharmuta dance” and gleefully clapping. As seen here:

Crypto blackmail

CT has been speculating on what the UAE and more specifically BTSE has over Spagni. We will not list the outlandish insidious rumored accusations here, but like everyone else, we think it would have to be something major to get Spagni to step down from his role at Monero, do the “sharmuta dance” and finally F a pig.

Coin Crypto News is reporting that the UAE is striking out at Spagni through BTSE because of the rampant use of XMR by Shia insurgent fighters. The propaganda machine that is working in the UAE through social media also has been tracked and their preferred cryptocurrency for extortion payments is Monero.

The final act

It is possible that like in Black Mirror Spagni tried to use a deep fake to replicate himself with the pig, however, just like if you have ever seen the R. Kelly pee video when Spagni looks at the camera before climax you know that it is him.

Because of our high journalistic standards along with our advocacy for animal rights and the fact that we do not know how old the pig was, we will not be posting a link to the video here.

The remaining staff at Monero has successfully appealed to PETA to help get the video removed from social sharing sites, however, when something goes onto the interweb it often stays on the internet.

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