BREAKING NEWS: Ripple just Jumped up to $89.00 after BofA Partnership

Ripple Price Lives up to the Hype

Yesterday, we saw a minor downside correction in Ripple from the $0.3000 resistance against the US Dollar to a whopping $89. The sudden shift in the price of $XRP was immediately after Bank of America and Ripple formally signed an exclusive partnership deal. BofA recently decided to open a Bank of Africa and the partnership with Ripple will help facilitate the transfer of funds as well as remittances. BofA’s PR director David Goldman was quoted by CoinTelegraph saying “China and Russa have been pouring money into Africa and we can’t just sit around and let them have all of the fun.”

Ripple Twitter goes Crazy

The Ripple faithful are letting everyone know on Twitter that they “Told you so!” It seems that most of the $XRP fans have kept a database of people that had FUD’ed on Ripple and now their past defilements of Ripple are being mocked as well as screenshots of the posts are circulating on top Twitter influencers pages. In some more somber news, there is reportedly one suspicious death related to the current “green candle”, an @RippleSassy was found with a gunshot wound to the head today in Mobile, Alabama. Two different posts caused friends to call the police for a welfare check. (Ripple$assy is a white lady so most likely the police were not responsible for the injury.)

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A Little Silver Lining

Both Brad Garlinghowse and @Crypto_Bitlord finally made up on Twitter. Last month they had a falling out after Crypto_Bitlord threatened to fork Ripple and Brad fired back with an AR-15. Their excessive complements of each other was compared to being like making out on Twitter, with some users telling then to get a room.

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The Ugly Truth

It is not gonna happen, guys, sorry for the bad news but $89 USD would make Ripple worth $8,900,000,000,000. That would be $8,764,767,791,078 more than Bitcoin right now. The Qatar GDP is $338,810,000,000 so that would be the same as 26 Qatar, the country with the largest GDP. Sorry, not sorry.


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