Brad Garlinghouse now Worth 10 Billion is Actually Lex Luthor

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Ripple, the blockchain (not a cryptocurrency) payments firm behind XRP, the third biggest altcoin by market cap, has raised $200 million in a new funding round.

Spearheaded by a closed-ended investment company called Tetragon, the Series C funding was also joined by Ripple’s major Japanese partner SBI Holdings and venture capital firm Route 66 Ventures, the firm announced on Dec. 20.

The new funding will reportedly help Ripple to continue improving its global payments network and the broader utility of the digital asset XRP and the XRP Ledger, the announcement reads. However, support has been broken and the XRP coin keeps heading down.

So what gives?

Recently computer programmer Gus Gorman came to realize that Brad Garlinghouse has been pulling off the same scam that Lex Luthor did in Superman III. This same idea was also used in the movie Office Space they concocted a plan of stealing fractions of a penny on every transaction that is made.

Until cryptocurrencies appeared and became popular most people couldn’t even fathom $0.005. However, nowadays that most people’s altcoins have dropped to this level or even lower. Now it has become easier for people to understand how you can make or lose money at this with half a cent.

Gus Gorman who was once an avid Ripple supporter until recently he noticed something strange while he was going over his transactions, preparing his crypto taxes for 2019. Every one of his transactions had small miscellaneous fees added to them. Gorman said that when he makes a transaction the “fees” are not visible but when he would go back and check the blockchain the fees were there. He related it to hidden fees at a brick and mortar bank.

 “So what happens to those half cents.”

– Gus Gorman

Brad is a billionaire

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that the business has continued to gain strength and move forward with industry leadership, while “others in the blockchain space have slowed their growth or even shut down.”

Gus Gorman then saw a report that Ripple received 200 Million and expected his coins to skyrocket. But just like the partnership with MoneyGram, there was a slight FUD bost followed by a bigger decline. Then Gorman saw Brad Garlinghouse is now worth over 10 billion and realized that Garlinghouse is actually Lex Luther.

Once Gorman followed the paper trail he realized that all of his small transactions were diverted back to the same address.

Gus Gorman suggests that you check your previous transactions and see if your micropayments are routed there also. He is sure that it will take something from out of this world to save his lost money now.

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