Bitcoin Rockets to 16K like Anonymous Prophecy Predicted

As the crypto market witnesses a transient rebound, a prediction about the future price of BTC shot to the front page of Bitcoin’s subreddit. Back in January, an anonymous post on 4chan forecasted BTC’s price movements through November. The anonymous trader nailed the first two projections, declaring Bitcoin would hit at least $5,300 in April and cross $9,200 by July. Now, however unlikely as it may seem, Bitcoin had just four days to continue its moonshot rally and reach the October target of $16,000 – a new yearly high that just happened.

Source: Reddit

Soon after the post went viral on Reddit, former intelligence contractor and exiled privacy advocate Edward Snowden tweeted an image from the above post, creating a viral moment of his own.

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With all of the added hype, no one was prepared for the moonshot that happened at 3:03 AM EST today when Bitcoin briefly touched 18K just to settle back in at the January 2019 anonymous price prediction of 16K. Prepare for a crazy day of celebration today on CT. I guess all I have to say is 20K here we come!
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