Bitcoin and Ethereum Whistle-blower Scandal

Unfork a Fork

Just today the scandal became all about communications between Vitalek Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto about reverse forking their coins together to make a super coin. There was scattered reporting that the scandal also included his communications with multiple other crypto coin creators. We’ve been waiting for more information to surface about other coins. Sure enough, it’s finally coming out.

The whistle-blower report, released today, reveals that the Buterin regime went to great lengths to hide the records of Vitalek Buterin’s troublesome communications – it just wasn’t clear whom those communications were with, beyond those with Nakamoto. This morning the Rogor Ver tipped off that another shoe was about to drop when he publicly asked Buterin not to release any documents about their communications. Now it turns out Bitcoin Cash is indeed involved in the scandal, and so is another controversial coin.

The Block Thickens

The Ethereum tried to bury records of Vitalek Buterin’s communications with Rogor Ver, and with Craig Write Crown Prince of Bitcoin SV, according to a new bombshell tonight from CNN. This is problematic for Buterin on a number of levels. First, it suggests that Buterin and Ver were conspiring in ways as ugly as we’ve long suspected. Second, Craig Write had a forensic computer investigator and author murdered – and it turns out Buterin was having conversations with Write that were disturbing enough, Buterin’s own people tried to bury the evidence of such conversations.

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