Bit Carla is Selling her Sex Tape on Twitter (We Have it)

News moves fast

Bit Carla announced that her sex tape had gotten out on to the interweb, however, instead of being completely devastated she decided to get ahead of the controversy. At first, she was a little upset about it but because of the support from other crypto chica’s and a continuous thread of crypto D-bags asking for the link she made up her mind that she would turn a profit from the controversy.

Bitcoin for boobies

Bit Carla decided to offer the sex tape to the highest bidder on Twitter. The catch was that she would only accept crypto as a form of payment. The thread became quite graphic with many of the same D-bags sending D-pics for their bid but finally, someone bid enough (0.03 BTC to be exact) for Bit Carla to bite no pun intended.

We are happy to be the first to share the newly purchased video here on CSnews.

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