Bill Pulte makes Winners Pledge Allegiance to Trump

Internet philanthropist

By now you most likely have seen the tweets, “I’m giving away money, bitcoin or pizza” they tend to look something like:

Many of our readers have even entered into his contests, however, there is a dark side to his passion for philanthropy. He lists that one of the requirements to enter his contest is that you must “read the rules”. Just like how shocking it was for Jared Dunn to find out in Silicon Valley that no one reads the software licensing agreement, no one reads Mr. Pulte’s rules either. Unfortunately for the winners, they must make a choice when they are picked.

Good, bad and the ugly

After confessing online about how they are unable to make ends meet and getting as many bleeding hearts to push for their need for empathy to be “randomly” selected by Mr. Pulte he prays on their weakness and makes them pledge allegiance to Trump. Now someone that is sometimes just asking for enough money to buy a pizza is forced to look past their own political beliefs in order to survive.

(Update after posting this article the link to the “rules” have been taken off of Bill Pulte’s Twitter.)

The cult of Pulte

As well as requesting people to follow his account (like every other scammer on Twitter) Mr. Pulte has gained a cult-like following. He has appeared on Fox News multiple times to enrich his group with more like-minded people as well as hiring “influencers” to slander other users that speak out against him as detailed in this article from Red White and F you:

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