BCash’s in its Death Throes

The Last of the BCash

Some people think that forking a cryptocurrency is easy as a, b, c. One might come to find that it is harder than you’d think. The concept is becoming brutally clear to Rogor Ver and Bitcoin Cash. Earlier this year he was violently thrown from the window of control that he had over bitcoin.com (A website that convinces nubes that $BCH is a viable alternative to #BTC) During a bull market there are plenty of these enthusiastic green investors, however, during this bear market drought Ver’s life source has dwindled to a mere trickle.

Miners are getting Coal

The way transactions happen on the blockchain is that miners lend their computers computational power to the coin in exchange for micropayments. The “purchaser” pays these micropayments to insure the “seller” receives payment on the transaction. “Miners” computers insure the transaction is accurate. The problem for Ver and BCash is that as of recently there are no more “perchance”. Because they essentially pay the miners, now the driving force of authenticating the coin is depreciating exponentially. Needless to say, the critics have been crucifying Rogor Ver on CT.

King of the Juice

In a Crusade to save the coin Ver has been showing everyone his last meal, soda, and juice. Then he showed how he paid for it with BCash. Dedicated analysts at BlockStat recently determined that Ver is single-handedly preventing BCash’s final death throes. A BlockStat inturn also determined Ver’s wallet address on her first day at work. Here is a site that shows $BTC and $BCH transactions visually:


Like it wasn’t Born

Ver preparing for his last meal

The faithful disciples

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